Presidential Thanksgiving Turkey Pardon Preview

This morning President Obama pardoned a turkey named Courage.  Courage now gets to live out his days at Disneyland.  Yesterday, the White House put out a trailer previewing Courage’s date with destiny.

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  • gimpstirrdfang

    So we can't have Turkey for breakfast the day after TGiving?

    Hey, That was a cute and clever dog's eye view of aWHITEHOUSE too interested in itself to clue in theGuy w a camera that he ought to go elsewear'd for an awareness of staff to Q'd to tekkydorm that they haven't got a CLUE what be Goest ElseWear'd there!

  • gimpstirrdfang

    OH! I was to be persieved as AnTURKEY eye view?
    We aren't the wasteful people you make us out to be.
    We droop not to be thankful for all by that very process to utilize all food stuff's that be leftover of ANYMEAL (if there bees any now) For the next day's congomerEATs

  • Lioness7

    Gotta Love America where a turkey gets a 2nd chance!
    Now how about some new jobs for all of us who are unemployed.
    We need a 2nd chance too before it's too late.