Carrie Prejean On Larry King Live

Carrie Prejean appeared on Larry King Live to promote her new book, Still Standing. Apparently, Larry King is inappropriate, which, I can understand. Larry does do some hard-hitting journalism.
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  • roseprophecy

    This Preejean is a empty puppet of Massood Khojasteh and used by those who want to distract people from the source of true morality and spirituality that is me! This woman is just a puppet and has not good intentions for the Republicans eighter!She is just like a robot reading from the paper given to her and this kind of manipulating public by the promoters like Massood Khojasteh must stop to show the world these empty women can think is obviously not true and there is a source to the new movment that he is hiding her voice is blocked and her 9 books she wrote in 1994 as unpresedented new knowledge that has created revolutionary evolution and new rebirth and creation is being claimed by pirates of her intellectual property with promotional propaganda of Massood Khojasteh: these people want to claim to be god and are tearing spirituality apart by calling the murderer Hassan who killed his own friends a spiritual psychoanalyist wheras he was and is just a drug pusher who himself is a confused soul being used by the dictators who want to destroy this country and are given the media and the CIA to do it!

  • roseprophecy

    Sarah Palin is nothing but a clone of Rose Parvin the true revolutionary woman who is bringing balance of powers between the parties to teach the politicians to serve the people versus serving their own agendas and egos as it has been for the past decades! Bridge to Nowhere that Sara Palin supports is among the multimillion dollar camaign against Rose Parvi n he has started since 1995 that he met her in her center titled Parvin Center for Patterns of Excellence where he had been begging her through her aids to promote her books and her Global Peace and Reform Program for her and instead in our own democratic country and infront of the eyes of the freedom lady he began to censor and silence her and slander her global mission with his toxic humor most common among the chain murderers and classic terrorists of multidimensions!Rose defines herself as the Bridge to Humanity and has created a new Universal Psychology of Prevention Health and Exccellence in 9 books in one year in 1994 sharing it with colleagues who tore her apart and each claimed a part of her while all collectively agreed the deinal of her and stood behind her prom

    The Rogue Returns: On the Road with Sarah Palin

    Posted: 10:52 AM ET
    oter as he promoted them and silenced her with his abuse of power as a CIA Agent and his obsession with disgracing her as she resembled his father for him being an intelligent woman who was not manipulated or seduced by his sociopathic charm he put on to engage people and her in his illegal, immoral and unethical acts of juvenile delinquency and arrogant supremacy only having gained crediblity through her unpresedented lifework and Global Peace and Reform Program with Dialogue thruogh film and music he stole and used against her as he promoted it in media and film and politics as she guided all her enemies and piragtes of her intellectual property while he designed a destructive way of daily plots against her character and calling her mission the Bridge to Nowwhere when the words and unpresedented work of Rose Parvin had spread globally and instead of what he wanted to prove which was proving her wrong, it was obvious that there is no other knowledge and way but hers!Rose has guided leaders of the world toward the Universal Culture of Being Human that will delete the fanaticism of religion and bring peopole in harmomey with their shared power and the power to embrace differentness in one another to create People Power among all nations with Self/Societal and Divine Knowledge of Health and Excellence and Leadership Excellence and standards of leadership and regulations where the dictators with 60 million hungry and their obsessions with atomic weaponry would be atomatically deleted f rom leadership without war and violence and without promoting marthyrdom that we saw the backlash of it what would be!
    Still, with all that the scientist messiah has gone through on the cross of ignornace of man teaching him to be godlike when he has been tearing down all her leaves to claim her prophecy of Rebirth with his propaganda gimics causing premature birth and murder of stars like Michale Jackson caused by exhustion and overexpectation of a perfectionistic man who saw profit in dead people not the living for he could keep control and claim their identity and go on with his life of lustful perversions and fake prophecy not changing anything substantially! Sara Palin is another clone of Rose Parvin as a wall between the people and truth and their choice & deserving destiny and as this woman who is the symbol of lack of morality is being promoted as the voice of morality Rose is still silenced and censored as she daily for the past 15 years is undoing the wongdoing of others and planting red roses in everyone’s heart changing their patterns from dark to light and bringing out the dictators from the holes they had planned for her in their dream of being god when they were only little boys with big toys and no self discipline and consciencet not to abuse their power as agents for security to not only infringe upon a woman’s right and dingity and her intellectual property but also to plot nasty plans of deleting her from the edge of the earth to be her!

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