I hate tourists.

The Queen of England 'welcomes' President Obama and Michelle Obama.

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  • faithcowboy

    Note: From a Maternal Great Grand Nephew of (deceased) Honorable Lord Wm. Wheatley; I “liked” the hug better….. Why? Cousins ALWAYS HUG! Yes! Cousins, by way of Dunham to House of Windsor….. But, there's always competition between cousins too. Obama to Bush & Cheney, & Cheney 2 Obama, 2 Blythe…… Such is “True Politics”

  • hussein1990

    Grrrr8 pic this it show how the “most powerful people in the world” get nervous in front of Her Majesty the Queen!


    These ladies have our future in there hands and deserve honor and respect due to their humanitarian work and charity to the poor and needy. Thank you ladies caring about us little people. Love you both always. Please be careful for yourselves and others of medical malpractice traps set up long ago to win secret wars against people to hide the facts, steal the money and property of others without being detected, or to gain power.

  • richardmark

    Wow!I like this spectacular pic,it's great!!Seeing the three VVIP greeting together is a fun n also my honor(even though i'm not in the pic).I'll mark it as my most fave pic n i appreciate the pic's owner that provided us such a remarkable great shot.Thanks guy!

  • richardmark

    I feel sympathy with President Obama & his darling Michelle as The Queen figured she hates tourists(it means Obama & his wife).What a pity!I think they shouldn't pay a visit to The Queen cause The Majesty dislike visitors in her mind.