You better get back to work!

You better get back to work!

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  • RoseParvin

    Perpahs that is not your idea of fun but better get in and dig in for you will chance to loose the future moment real fun coming up my friend!

  • peterbreitholtz
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  • ow

    you can see who's the boss.

  • richardmark

    I think Mr Obama should call his people to dig more holes n to plant more trees in the wildfire ravaged area recently for the purpose of rehabilitation of the woodland.Do u think this is a good idea,Mr President?

  • Nancy Morales

    …… ACTUALLY ….. in picture she doing work and talking .. he just standing their……. so she wa wa wa and he still stand their

  • Luisafonsocosta

    Parabenizo vocês pelos atos e principalmente as ações ambientais, continuem.

  • Shaman

    “Yes, you are, Michelle- you still have 10 pounds to lose.”